Dreaming about skirt

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to dream that you are wearing a skirt, represents the signals that you are conveying or sending out consider the condition of the skirt and you’ll get a clue to the impression you are making on others
If your dream featured short and/or tight skirts, it is telling you to be prepared for a season of financial strain; long and/or full skirts prophesy an increase in material wealth
To dream of a long skirt to the ground, suggests that you will be old fashioned, shy, and that you will have prejudices to dream of a very short skirt, suggests that you will be too confident, you will have undue self confidence to dream that you sew or buy a skirt, indicates that you are expected to cause intrigue to dream of a skirt to the knee, suggests that you will not have an imagination in dealing with the beloved and routine to dream of an old, torn or rumpled skirt, suggests that the relationship with your beloved will be nervous and pointed
Clothing in dreams can represent the role you play in life and how your identity undergoes transformation clothing can represent the attitude or the persona which becomes the mask you wear to fit in a skirt can suggest adopting a more feminine approach in becoming more sensitive in working with others you can ‘skirt the issue’ where the dream of a skirt can suggest covering up the truth with being busy see also clothing and makeup