Dreaming about skunk

When you are seeing a skunk in your dream, implies that you may be driving people away or turning people off. Alternatively, it refers to that all is calm about a certain situation but you do not unquestionably like it or agree with it.
May suggest that you are driving people away or turning people off. A protection reaction, using an 'odoress' attitude to drive away someone, or some inner attitude against yourself.
If you saw or smell a skunk in your dream predicts a social disappointment. Don't brood; you can't win them all, and new doors will eventually open.
If you dream of a skunk, something wrong will happen and things might not go well. If you see a skunk, you are suppressing much anger.

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  • ... thus mustelidae), but recent genetic evidence might mean these are actually members of the skunk family, placing them in the taxonomic family mephitidae. synonyms of badger verb: pester, bother, harass,

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