Dreaming about skydiving

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a pleasurable dream of skydiving floating down gently in a parachute signifies that you have protection and security during a time in which turmoil surrounds you if you dream that your parachute doesn’t open, or if you are scared in the dream, this represents your feeling that you’ve been deserted by someone who was supposed to stand by you
If you dream that someone is skydiving, then you are going disappoint a close friend if you dream of a parachute, then you will be exposed to unnecessary danger skydiving in your sleep means you are going to love uneventfully
To dream that you are skydiving represents your great principals and morals perhaps you should lower your morals slightly and set more practical and sensible ambitions
To dream that you are skydiving, represents your high ideals sometimes you may need to compromise these ideals and be more realistic of your expectations