Dreaming about skyscraper

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to dream of a skyscraper is a positive omen, predicting a life of luxury for you if you saw a skyscraper in ruins in yoru dream, this forewarns of problems in love or at school it could also mean your self confidence has suffered a blow to dream that you or someone jumps or falls off a tall building, suggests that you are learning about and acknowledging aspects of your inner self this dream may also symbolize your fear of not being able to complete or succeed in a task
Dreaming that your on top of a skyscraper, suggests you will soon have glory to dream you see a skyscraper, suggests that you will set yourself a realizable goal and have objectives that are unattainable
To dream of a skyscraper indicates that you have great expectations, morals, and inspiration you prefer to set difficult goals, and you are determined to complete them you also possess incredible intuition
– Striving for higher things.
– What I want to achieve? How much am I willing to climb?
Skyscrapers usually warns against arrogance, pride or lofty plans, because these things makes you easily get into trouble.

Meaning for seeing skyscraper in your dreams

If woman is dreaming a skyscraper with no windows, so this dream indicates that in relationship she and her partner does not have emotional contact only physical (sexual). Skyscraper is the building of the pure sexual gratification. Also skyscraper symbolizes the mental frustration.
European – To see skyscraper: it is ensured that you can?t teach an old dog new tricks;, what you will soon see in a person^s environment; – To live in skyscraper: you live in the wrong house and this anonymous isolation give you nothing good.
Hindu – To see: do not be so arrogant.