Dreaming about sleeping

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if you dream that you are sleeping, you are experiencing a peaceful period in your life.
Symbol of unconsciousness in dreams if an event occurs while you sleep in a dream, consider that you have allowed something to occur in your life unconsciously did you let an old lover back into your life that you believe was an error in judgment? sleep also may represent the absence of a friend, lover, or relative (they are not present) or death related dream symbols death deceased
Relaxation and rest unconsciousness false security
If you dream that you are sleeping, you are experiencing a peaceful period in your life
Relaxation and rest unconsciousness false security
Dreaming that someone is sleeping, suggests that some relative will need your care and protection dreaming that you yourself are sleeping, means that you have a high risk of getting sick for a long time to dream of sleeping, means that you will miss something important or you will fail to dream of sleeping in a bed with a stranger, suggests that you may expect an error of which is daunting, confusing and causing panic all in one moment to dream that you sleep in a bed with a friend, means you are not afraid and troubled dreaming that you sleep on the floor, suggests that you may have poverty dreaming that you sleep without a mattress or sheet, means you are disappointed to dream that you sleep with a loved one, means that you will be hassled mentally to dream that you slept in the same bed as your spouse, indicates that you will have no problem in the forthcoming days in the family to dream that you sleep alone, signifies that you can not manage without help or friendly advice

Meaning for seeing sleeping in your dreams

To dream that you are sleeping indicates that you are not feeling stressed or bothered by the issues in your life you are calm and relaxed it may also imply that you are refusing to acknowledge that issues exist if you are sleeping with a stranger then it denotes that you are trying to elude some circumstance or person that this stranger signifies it is possible that there is some characteristic inside yourself that you do not want to acknowledge to see others sleeping usually refers to some aspect or characteristic of your own personality it may mean that you are or aren’t aware of a certain issue in your life sleeping can also represent death because it is symbolic of endings and fresh starts
To dream that you are sleeping, denotes peace of mind alternatively, it may also mean that you are ignorant and not fully aware of the conditions and circumstances around you to see others sleeping, is often a reflection of yourself and your own unconscious mind it is indicative of how you may not be alert or informed about a particular situation sleeping may also be synonymous with death in that it beckons renewal and new beginnings