Dreaming about slope

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dreaming of a slope, indicates that you will not stretch your problems as you will be leave it to fate to dream that you climb the slope, means you will overcome the obstacles of your job
Fear of failure is a very strong feeling. In the dream he can be expressed by a slope. If the dreamer in his dream entering a steep slope, this indicates that he carelessly puts at risk because he does not foresee the consequences of his actions. The attempt to climb up a steep slope, represents an enormous effort to impediments that arise in the way to overcome. Slope is not as steep as a precipice, and will therefore be mostly be interpreted as a warning. Even if you already rolling down the abyss, it may encounter stones, must not be so unfavorable as slipping or falling to be assessed in the abyss, but still contains the hope that we can avoid mitigate the risk, worry and grief, or, if you act properly in time.
The Tarot card The Fool; shows the beginning and the end of journey. You pay no attention to the steep slope and danger in which you are conscious. On the other hand, it doesn^t matter, because you know you can fly over the edge. This type of dream often occurs when the dreamer is in a situation of great danger. We stood on a hillside in a dream had been untroubled joy, running down? Then it is time to abandon an overly ambitious plan that would require only one additional (strenuous) ascent. The dream symbolizes the relief that someone feels after he has retired from a too ambitious goal with a clear mind.
– A mountain: danger in sight. – Rocky: grief and sorrow; – Green or moss: peace and contentment; – Wooded: your business, obstacles arise; – Consider a steep: you may change in time present course; – Are on the verge: fear of personal failure, or of coming problems; – Roll down: find the path to not unnecessarily at risk; – Slide down a hill: bad events occur in the near future; losses are possible through your own fault;

Meaning for seeing slope in your dreams

Hindu – Fall down: you come to unpleasant situation not because of your own fault; – Stony your desire is not fulfilled, but you shall not give up your hopes; – Green with small shrubs: be kind to people around you; – With a forest: you have recognized the difficulties of your life and now will to grown them.
– to see a steep: grief and sorrow will pursue you; – go up or laborious climb: infidelity will annoy you; – descend: family relationships are hurt and harass you.