Dreaming about smoking

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or smoke restricted vision cloud screen looking to hide certain feelings
To dream of smoking, suggests that you are waiting for happiness and carelessness
To dream that you are smoking implies that you are refusing to allow others to be too close to you you are trying to protect yourself from being hurt emotionally
It is very common for ex smokers to dream about smoking this type of a dream could be called wish fulfillment or a compensatory dream the smoker misses smoking he can not smoke during the day, and therefore he smokes in his dreams if you are dreaming about being surrounded by other people´s smoke, you may be experiencing some confusion and anxiety in daily life or in regard to a particular situation smoke or smoking usually depletes people of energy and hampers ones ability to think clearly and act directly with the issues at hand

Meaning for seeing smoking in your dreams

To dream that you are smoking, indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions you have trouble letting others in