Dreaming about south

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south symbolizes your emotions down from your head and away from logic for example, driving south in a dream asks you to get in touch with your feelings with regard to the subject matter of the dream
To dream of being in southern places or of moving or traveling south is a sign of coming security
To dream of the direction south symbolizes anticipation, existence, and uncertainty it may also represent comfort, sincerity, affection, and intensity this dream can also indicate that an idea needs to be thought through more carefully
A dream of the south suggests that you are seeking joy and laughter in your life, or that you need to be more active or goal driven it may also imply that you work well within a challenging environment or that you like to give to those in your life

Meaning for seeing south in your dreams

To dream of the direction south, indicates life, expectations, and questions alternatively, it may symbolize love, passion and warmth or it is an indication that a plan has gone awry
Depending upon where you are from, the south can be associated with appreciating the simple things in life or becoming more giving of yourself like the back doors in cars and houses, the idea of ‘south’ can also represent the lower portion of the body, particularly feelings and the sexual region