Dreaming about spaceship

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fearful: overpowering and puzzling situation or circumstances that makes no sense to you. happy: feeling that you have help that is out of this world, there is more than the material powers in the current civilization.
Taking off in a spaceship in a dream reflects feelings of heading off on a big, new adventure or direction into foreign territory in your waking life if you cannot identify what that might be, consider your feelings in the dream were you excited, terrified, apprehensive? because feelings in dreams are never disguised, consider where in your waking life you have those feelings, often related to a current or upcoming enterprise in your professional life (such as a promotion, new job, college, etc ) or personal life (such as marriage, parenthood, buying a house, etc ) related dream symbols space
A spaceship represents your guides or guardian angels even if you believe in them, if the concept is any way strange or feels alien to you, they can show up in your dreams like this the dream is asking you to let them make contact
If you are riding in a spaceship, you are destined to travel far and accomplish great things if you dream of seeing a spaceship, this indicates visitors coming from far away dreaming of a ufo acting strangely is a warning that events lie ahead that will require caution, clear headedness, and stealth
If you dream about a spaceship, you are ready to explore your spriritual side also see “alien ” for “space” in general, see “outer space “
To dream of seeing a spaceship or traveling in one, means that joys and successes will be yours
To dream of a spaceship indicates that you are imaginative and artistic it suggests that you should embark on a mission of inner discovery and comprehension change your outlook on a certain issue, even if it seems strange and peculiar
A spaceship in a dream may suggest a journey into the unknown or a spiritual quest

Meaning for seeing spaceship in your dreams

A spaceship in a dream may suggest a journey into the unknown, or symbolize a spiritual quest
See alien
To see a spaceship in your dream, symbolizes your creative mind it denotes a spiritual journey of self development and self awareness you may need to take a different perspective, no matter how bizarre or unusual it may be
You may dream of being in a spaceship when you are exploring aspirations that you feel may not be grounded or practical if the spaceship is descending to the earth, you may be finding ways to make your goals more attainable something about what you are doing may not be supported by those around you unlike the plane, which signifies moving to achieve your ambitions, the ‘space’ association of this type of vehicle can show the need to approach your goals in a more practical way see also aliens and rocket