Dreaming about sparrow

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Dreaming of sparrows, denotes that you will be surrounded with love and comfort, and this will cause you to listen with kindly interest to tales of woe, and your benevolence will gain you popularity to see them distressed or wounded, foretells sadness.
These busy birds featured in your dream are harbingers of lean times ahead, unless you chased them away, in which case it signifies good business news.
Dreaming you see a sparrow, suggests you have plenty of intrigue and sexual desire to dream that the sparrow chirps or squeaks, suggests you will have intimate friends for life and share your adventures to dream that you give to the sparrow, means you have a shared love to dream you see a nest of sparrows, suggests you expect a great happiness to dream that a sparrow lands next to you, indicates your acquaintance with a very attractive man, and if you dream of holding a sparrow, it means it is your wedding.