Dreaming about speech

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if you dream of making a speech, you will have an improvement in your social status this dream can also be a reminder to take care of neglected obligations
Improved status in social position and/or business is forecast in a dream of making a speech
To dream that you are listening to someone make a speech, means that too much is affecting the wishes of others or of your opinion to dream that you pronounce a speech to many people, predicts in reality that you will be ridiculed and will become a laughing stock
To dream of giving a speech implies that you should express your emotions more efficiently perhaps you need to advise others of significant information it may also suggest that you are anxious about talking in front of others to hear a speech in your dream indicates that you are now comfortable expressing your emotions and thoughts to others pay attention to the content of the speech if you hear a politician give a speech, this symbolizes selfishness and dishonesty

Meaning for seeing speech in your dreams

To give a speech in your dream, indicates that you need to vocalize your feelings and thoughts you need to communicate something important and/or urgent alternatively, it may highlight your fear and nervousness of speaking in public to hear a speech in your dream, suggests that your inner feelings are being made conscious to those around you consider what is said in the speech if you hear a politician give a speech, then it represents egotism and deceit
Keep in a dream speech, it may mean that you lack in real life counterparts. The dreamer has a great need to communicate, he^s not in the waking state of satisfy. May also mean the opposite: more delay.
Speech always has something to do with self-representation. Often it is pointed out that one should tell others to do more and better understood, so that it can be assumed. Sometimes hidden behind a pronounced craving for recognition, power or up to the idealism and missionary zeal or fanaticism that wants to convince the world of their own views. Did you stay at the lectern in front of the assembled audience with a firm hand a speech? It^s one here for recognition. One wants to be known, point to its own special strengths to convince others of themselves. You want to go down well; with others.