Dreaming about spider-web

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Spiders and webs hold associations to”Creepy” people, who try to trap us in their”Webs” are you involved in a”Controlling” relationship? Have you entered a”Sticky situation” at work? Pleasant dreams of spider webs, in which one is enjoying the symmetry of the pattern, are metaphors for designs of elaborate complexity, and may have spiritual overtones images of spiders and webs during confusional arousals from deep sleep (related to sleep walking) are common, and do not hold psychological significance related dreams my ex is a spider spiders on my walls! Related dream symbols spider.
Seeing spider webs, denotes pleasant associations and fortunate ventures.
If you dream that you sweep or clean a spider web, you will get rid of troubles and difficulties if you see many cobwebs, then you will have disputes and problems at home seeing a spider web in a dream means you can expect intrigue and gossip.