Dreaming about spirit

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you should take warning against certain people who will try to deceive you if you dream of seeing or talking to the spirit of someone who has passed on.
A spirit in a dream is exactly that a spirit if you can see them in your dream you have the ability to see spirits while awake while this may sound scary, with a little education, it becomes a blessing since you can see them you do not have to take it on blind faith that there is more to life than what we can physically see seeing spirits in dreams is sometimes, but not always, indicative of being clairvoyant it is highly indicative of being a channel but your connection for dialogue may be something other than clairvoyance
A dream of seeing or speaking with a spirit is a warning of deception where you least suspect it
To see known spirit in your dream and be scared, means you are to amend your own rules or to leave what you began to dream that you call the spirits, means you are risk the important and expensive things if you dream the spirit does not scare you, means you have much success and good luck with what you do and you will have full support from friends and strangers for any intention or idea