Dreaming about spirits

When you are seeing or talk to spirits in your dream, signify your fears about death. The spirits may be trying to guide you through some issues or problems. Pay particular attention to the spirits as they provide an answer to a waking problem. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on your uplifted spirit and enthusiasm for some matter.
If you dream of speaking with an unknown spirit you should watch out for someone who is trying to deceive you. Generally if the spirit is known and welcomed it is a sign of great good luck and/or good fortune in business affairs. Stage.
Dreaming that you are talking to an unknown spirit forewarns that someone is trying to deceive you.
May represent the not yet discovered or utilized powers or capacities of your psyche offering inspiration, creativity, love and powers of healong (self-healing). May represent your 'complexes', psychic forces that escaped your conscious control. They will almost certainly damage your personal efficiency and destroy your happiness if you continue to repress and neglect them. Paying attention to them and giving them an approperiate creative role in your life, your personality will blossom.
To dream about medical spirits, denotes that there may be some small health problems ahead. When you are dreaming of beauty alcohol, is a sign of a dispute with colleagues and relatives. Dreams of burning alcohol, might mean hidden danger.
Spirits may have a similar general importance, such as alcohol. Old sources seen in the drinking or spilling a warning against carelessness that leads to failures and losses. In individual cases can be specifically warned against too much liquor consumption.
During mental development, our perceptions widen from the ordinary everyday to other aspects and dimensions of knowledge. The nonmaterial self has access to the Collective Unconscious in its entirety. When spirits appear in dreams, their function may be to help us through various states of transition. A kindly or helpful spirit implies that we can move on. Seeing the spirits of dead people normally means we need reassurance.

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