Dreaming about spit

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a rift with a friend is likely to follow a dream of seeing someone spit; try to be more diplomatic in putting forward your opinions
To dream that someone spit, signifies that you will do good to your enemies dreaming that many spit, suggests that you will known and respected
To dream of spit represents an attribute or quality that you should discard it may also signify hostility and defiance
To spit in your dream, signifies an aspect of yourself that you need to get rid of alternatively, spitting may represent anger and contempt

Meaning for seeing spit in your dreams

If a friend or acquaintance spit in your dream, then it seems your relationship of envy and hostility to be determined. If it is a stranger and you spit on him, it may mean that you have lost respect for yourself.
– be spit or spat upon in a dream: happiness and success; – be spit upon by a snake: misfortune and sorrow.
– to spit in a dream means you will get a very good news.