Dreaming about spoon

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spoons in a dream are a symbol of happiness at home the exception is if you dreamed of losing or stealing a spoon that means you should beware against making a bargain or purchase you have been thinking about, because you could get scammed
Spoons in a dream are a symbol of domestic happiness, unless you lost them or stole them, in which case you are being warned against a loss due to an unwise deal; before you invest, investigate
To dream of a spoon implies that you should assist those in need by offering food and water it could also indicate that you or someone you know is receiving priority over others
To see a spoon in your dream, indicates that you may need to give/receive nourishment it may also mean that you feel you or someone is being given special treatment

Meaning for seeing spoon in your dreams

Kitchen utensils are associated with changes you are making you use them to take what you need in order to find nourishment and self worth like food, the symbolism is exploring fulfillment the difference between a fork and a spoon is their shape a spoon suggests what you need to hold onto in order to feel satisfied, while the fork is more symbolic of taking a stab at something, or making a change in direction that will help you provide for yourself the spoon can also personify your desire to be cared for and nurtured see eating utensils