Dreaming about stage

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if you dream of being onstage, you crave more attention and drama in your life. good times are coming, but you will have to work hard to get there.
Were you on a stage in your dream? you may be thinking about a performance or presentation in your waking life if you were a star, it means you are feeling confident socially and you like to receive lots of attention if you froze or got booed off stage, you may feel nervous in social groups or concerned about recent or upcoming performance or presentation to a group, such as at work or in school
Performance presentation there is a need for recognition ready to show yourself to the world
Performance presentation need for recognition ready to show yourself to the world

Meaning for seeing stage in your dreams

To dream that you are on a stage symbolizes how you influence others through your actions and performances this is how you relate to other people perhaps you require being the focus of everyone’s consideration pay attention to your actions on the stage this can also have significant meaning to dream that you are on a side stage implies that you are a passive person you should be more assertive and outgoing
A dream where there is a stage implies that you like to be the center of focus, you like people to acknowledge your achievements, or you are looking for inspiration in some area of your life
To dream that you are on a stage, represents your behaviour, manipulation of and relationships with others it is telling of your interactions with society there is a saying that goes, “all the world is your stage” and thus may refer to your desire to be the centre of attention consider how your stage performance parallels a waking situation to dream that you are on a side stage, reflects your introverted personality this dream may indicate your need to be more confident and self assured