Dreaming about star

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1 like the star card in the tarot deck, dreaming of a single bright, shining star is a sign that even if things seem bad, there is still hope, and that your desires and destiny will be fulfilled, possibly through the efforts of a friend 2 if the dream displays a clear sky full of many bright stars, great success lies ahead, but if the stars are pale or obscured by clouds, there will be a period of poverty before you finally attain your goals 3 a star between the horns of the new moon indicates that an influential person, probably a woman, will appear on the scene and assist you in attaining your dearest dream 4 a shooting or falling star implies success after a period of great effort
Celestial object self luminous spiritual awakening
Celestial object self luminous spiritual awakening
To dream of a particular bright and/or twinkling star predicts that your destiny will be fulfilled through the help of a powerful friend of the opposite sex many bright stars are a promise of success, but pale stars portend a period of poverty a dream of a shooting or falling star indicates assured success, but not as soon as you had hoped

Meaning for seeing star in your dreams

Old dream interpretation books say that seeing stars in your dream means that your wishes are going to be fulfilled even from a more pragmatic point of view, stars seem to be positive dream symbols they could represent insight, luck, fortune and the mysteries of the universe stars represent those wonderful things that we aspire to but have difficulty obtaining to follow a star is to follow a dream, an insight, or your intuition to a more desirable location or position in life thus, stars in your dreams could also symbolize internal or external guidance and truth
We generally dream of happenings in the sky when we are exploring ambition or aspirations a star is a symbol that can show wishes, aspirations or our desire to be recognized for our accomplishments if you are examining a star that is not in the sky, the message can center on being recognized or increasing your sense of self esteem since we are often given stars as children in return for accomplishment dreaming of a star shows we may need to concentrate on developing our self esteem