Dreaming about steal

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if someone steals something from you in your dream, you are feeling a lack of emotional understanding or appreciation in your life. if you dream of stealing from a person or place you know, that is where you should look to for the emotional fulfillment you seek. other dreams about stealing money mean someone you are interested in is not paying attention to you.
You steal: a bit of dishonesty comes to your attention. someone steals from you: dealing with your own loss of material or emotional belongings.
A dream of stealing is a warning to be extra cautious in money or investment matters for the next few months, unless you were caught, which signifies good luck
See crime  or theft

Meaning for seeing steal in your dreams

If you dream of stealing, you might consider the symbolism of what is being stolen as a way of recognizing its importance or how it is neglected in your life if someone else steals from you, there may be conflicting needs and a lack of balance and integration taking place within you explore the symbolism stolen for additional insight into what part of you is not finding expression