Dreaming about stock market

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to dream about the stock market whether your dream took place there, or you were just checking your stocks represents the ups and downs of your life it also refers to the risks that you have been willing to take
If your dream featured gains, it is a warning against speculation, but if it involved losses, you are likely to have a stroke of money luck
To dream about the stock market symbolizes the positive and negative experiences in your life it also implies that you take chances and tend to test your luck in certain situations
Budget stands at times of financial matters in relation, the empty purse promises financial success, the full warning of possible losses. Also psychological and spiritual values ??may represent the stock market.

Meaning for seeing stock market in your dreams

– to see stock market in a dream: certain dark things will soon be revealed; – empty stock market: loss; – full: advantage and profit.
Hindu – empty: there you can achieve great successes, but you must put your pride; – full: you will suffer a loss through its own ineptitude.
– find stock market in a dream: best of luck; – lose: you have to expect good; – possess: thy wealth is certainly justified.