Dreaming about stove

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dreaming of a warm stove suggests that your efforts will be successful a red hot stove means you will be loved by friends and family for your affectionate and unselfish nature a cold stove indicates regret over a lost friend or a missed opportunity you need to learn from your past and move on to your future if you dreamed of being burned in/by an stove, you will be very lucky, especially if your hands or feet were burned to dream of being inside an stove represents the womb you might be pregnant, or worried that you are pregnant (consider the saying, “a bun in the oven”) or, you may need more “mothering” caring and tender loving care than you are currently getting from family and friends
A cold stove pertains to problems in sexual or personal relations, for which you may want to seek professional advice or friendly counsel a hot stove indicates a need to control your temper and/or excessive passions
To dream of a stove implies that you are close to discovering personal knowledge or getting in touch with your spirituality you are reaching a new level of understanding
To see a stove in your dream, suggests a developing awareness

Meaning for seeing stove in your dreams

You can use a stove to cook various types of nourishment so the stove can portray what you ‘are cooking up’ or making of experience to find fulfillment something can simmer on the stove as a way of capturing feelings that simmer beneath the surface, yet play a part in shaping your experiences cooking is also a symbol of alchemy where feelings have yet to gel or solidify dreams of something cooking on a stove often take place when you are exploring childhood feelings and family dynamics to find the recipe for your happiness and current fulfillment