Dreaming about stream

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this dream is thought to symbolize the general flow of life forces, so if in your dream the stream was clear and flowed smoothly, you can expect your life pattern to do likewise otherwise, you are likely to encounter obstacles in ratio to the turgidity or roughness of the water
To dream of a stream implies that you are very imaginative and can offer innovative and deep suggestions to others to see a frozen stream suggests that you are distancing yourself from others you don’t want to be hurt emotionally perhaps you are suppressing emotions that need to be addressed
To see a stream in your dream, signifies that you will come upon a flow of fresh and profound ideas to see a frozen stream in your dream, indicates that your emotions have grown cold and hardened this may reflect your hurt feelings which you need to confront and deal with
The flow of emotions.
What emotions must flow freely within me?
Stream understood dream analyst today primarily as the race of life. – If you drive it down, shows that in the future. – Driving up towards the source indicated, however in the past. – Go against the current symbol of resistance and the associated greater effort to adapt to the insights into repressed past experiences often. Other interpretations, which date back to ancient sources, result from the special circumstances: – Able to swim against the tide also indicate that one can not adapt and experience is therefore always problems. – A stream with many fish will be interpreted as a symbol of good luck, our funds may soon be bubbling. – Bathes you in the creek, to the point to a speedy recovery from illness. – Clear Water promises professional and financial success, cloudy water or the raging torrent professional problems and financial losses. – A small, spring-fresh brook suggests the exuberant life of the dreamer and can be expected to work and private life but the best. – A dull, musty-smelling creek often draws the gloomy mood in which it is currently in the waking life, sometimes you want to fish but also in troubled waters. – Check that the water level in the creek bed can provide information on how to fulfill one^s own life, a high water table has a full, a low point to a mentally and spiritually impoverished lives, should be tried in any case to change. – A dry creek specified reminds the dreamer at times of need

Meaning for seeing stream in your dreams

A stream of fresh spring water is a sign of emotional healing process and spiritual refreshment. By contrast, a dry creek bed a warning of the soul dar. It requires an investment of optimism and confidence.
– the water level of the stream indicates in its form and richness of life disfavour; – with calm clear stream course: health, money, profit, good luck in business, loyal friends; – see with clear flowing water: all projects are now run without further complications; – with torrential water mishap: unrest and agitation; – look dull sitting on that or go to: discord, adversity, bad business; – see a stream flowing through green meadows: happy times; – a bloody stream: disease; – winding river course: the life takes some time to curvy;; – dried: poverty and deprivation; – drinking from a stream: joy; – a clear brook with fish: good luck, you can expect additional cash receipts; – fish in it: brilliant legacy; – bathe in one: promises for healing the sick; luck cases are now possible because you can give happiness.
– bright and clear fluid: a good financial situation and hopeful future, pleasant, good business; – with torrential water mishap and lots of obstacles; – slow-flowing clear: you^re lazy employee, lazy servant; – dull and slow-flowing: misfortunes of all kinds; – turbid fluid: you will have damage or loss; – see a clear stream flow to the house: good progress; – a muddy stream flow to see the house: does fire damage; – deep: you have false friends; – dried: poverty and loss, poverty and hard times; – with lots of fish: good inheritance prospects, profitable business, large children^s blessing; – mixed with blood flowing: sickness and death; – see flow out / in blood: a strong blood loss is imminent; – bathe in it or stand: you will soon recover from an illness; – wade: you will achieve your goal.