Dreaming about stretcher

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to dream that you are lying on a stretcher implies that you require assistance in a certain aspect of your life your feelings regarding these issues should be addressed immediately to see a stretcher in your dream indicates that you will soon be faced with hardships and obstacles
To dream that you are lying on a stretcher, indicates your need to be rescued in some situation or relationship perhaps you need to take time out and confront your emotional demons to see a stretcher in your dream, suggests that trouble lies ahead of you in the near future
Stretcher is trivial as imminent death in the family interpreted, perhaps one can expect an inheritance of it. In general, the stretcher to announce that a change will occur in life, which has a favorable effect. Plotting the grave itself, you will be asked to help friends, from which it will benefit themselves.
Stressed out ^til you drop are people who dream of a stretcher the main thing, we may finally be time to be passive and just lie there and be the other people including his own support and; rescue;. A very typical exhaustion dream. Understood only in specific contexts as a nightmare, as when looking at a related person who actually has a life-threatening illness on a stretcher. Something that happened is one where the sick or the bier not need to include unfavorable. The same is revealed in other symbols. Often it can be, even a joy rich event. Only the empty grave describes a mental state of emergency, perhaps even the emptiness of a relationship.

Meaning for seeing stretcher in your dreams

– to see: sign of a death notice and inheritance; also be approached with something new, you should not be so sure of his success; – empty: being generally a happy event in prospect, but this should be for bachelors and maidens of evil omen; – a grave in a church: promises you an unhappy marriage; – be brought to a self: a legacy could soon change the life; – lie on: you do not feel the current situation has grown, it is helpless and weak, but without any action is a problem; – to be worn by itself on one other: good prospects of success and rapid progress; – a different view on a lie: a case of illness occurs in the immediate vicinity; – be on strecher self: one is in an unhappy situation just to save what can be saved.
Hindu – to see stretcher: more than you think you will have to be recorded in all your work success; – lie to advantage in all your undertakings lie before you; – lie on it: through service to your friends you will have to win; – be carried out: views of advancement.
– see a dead man: death; – see: inheritance; – to be on it: a pleasant change (symbolic contrast!); – to carry objects: good prospects.