Dreaming about structure

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to see asian style structures in your dream symbolizes unfamiliar items, situations, or people, especially if you are not of asian ancestry
Buildings in dreams often stand for the body or the personality of the dreamer himself or his / her lover or a family member. A house may also represent intellect or comprehension of a person: A person who commences a new job soon, dreams may expect to find in a well-known house, previously unknown areas. These spaces are so far untapped potential in many cases dar. encourage us dreams of exploration programs by building on a journey of discovery through our ego, or to solve a current psychological problem. Above all, the unconscious tells us that we must turn our strengths and talents more. In other words, our dreams are trying to tell us that we are prepared to develop in any relationship perhaps creatively or physically. This is especially true when we discover in a well-known buildings previously unknown areas.