Dreaming about submarine

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a submarine is a reflection of the self and the direction you are headed in waking life unlike a car or other land vehicle, a submarine travels underwater because water is a consistent symbol for emotions, a submarine in a dream reveals that huge emotional issues are at play in the dreamer?s waking life
To see a submarine in your dream, indicates that you are cautiously exploring your emotions and your unconscious feelings you are still feeling cautious or guarded about something this dream may also mean that you need to take a different perspective on some situation
To dream of a submarine suggests that you are discovering your inner spirituality and personality you are reluctant to express some of your feelings to others this dream may also be implying that you should approach a situation via an alternate route if not, then you may want to change your views on an issue you should carefully assess an issue before making a decision
All vehicles appear to symbolize the way that we maneuver, or get through, a segment of our life´s journey a submarine is a powerful moving machine that travels through deep waters deep waters represent our emotions and our unconscious a submarine could represent the way in which we are navigating through our emotional waters and deal with the materials that are coming up form our unconscious a submarine can have negative or positive connotations it could suggest that you are feeling strong and are prepared to aggressively deal with whatever issues and emotional concerns that arise in your life on the other hand, the submarine as a dream symbol could be suggesting that you are overly guarded and defensive and are currently not open to airing of personal issues

Meaning for seeing submarine in your dreams

To see a submarine in your dream, indicates that you are cautiously exploring your emotions and examining your unconscious feelings you still remain guarded about certain emotional issues alternatively, the submarine indicates that you need to adapt a different perspective and understanding you may need to get down to the core of some situation or problem
The submarine is a symbol of exploring thoughts and feelings below the surface of consciousness any type of vehicle that goes below the water, shows how you are moving to navigate difficult feelings its shape can suggest the idea of masculine traits, such as assertiveness and aggression see also sonar, vehicles and places of transportation and the unconscious