Dreaming about suitcase

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symbol of preparation for a journey, whose destination may be related to profession (new job or transition in career), social goals (committed relationship, marriage, parenthood), or spiritual quest unpacked suitcases reflect feelings of being unprepared for an approaching transition over packed suitcases or the appearance of “too much luggage” suggests emotional baggage is it time to release the past, so that you may successfully arrive at your future? related dream symbols airplane journey passport
A dream of a suitcase forecasts a long trip or journey if you lost it the suitcase in the dream, you or someone close to you may be coming into money or property if your suitcase becomes damaged, it is a warning against running up debts
To see a suitcase in your dream implies that you are practical and rational when making decisions you are very stable and don’t lose control of your emotions around others this may also indicate that you should take some time off from the pressures and stresses of every day life perhaps you should go on a restful holiday you should also learn to be a little impulsive and add some variety to your life
To see a suitcase in your dream, indicates that you are a very together person you keep attitudes and behaviour in check alternatively, it is symbolic of a much needed vacation or break you need some changes in your life

Meaning for seeing suitcase in your dreams

Dreaming of packing a suitcase is very common because at some level, we are aware of how our identity must undergo change as we grow since clothing is associated with the persona, we often dream of packing and unpacking when we are releasing an old identity or trying on a new one the dream of rushing to the airport symbolizes changes in aspirations and ambitions and our feelings about achieving those aspirations in terms of life stages the suitcase and the idea of baggage can portray old ways of being that we might need to discard and how we feel an urgency to carry ‘our costume or mask’ into every new situation not being able to find something related to packing can be a message that you are overly identifying with only one role, when your greater needs might be sacrificed because of it see also purses, wallets, luggage, jewels and keys