Dreaming about supper

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Supper is explained by the importance of the evening as a symbol of declining powers; taking dinner for yourself means that you get back your strength and the next day will be successful. A richly laid table suggest for older people a particularly happy retirement. For younger people could some work be completed so now they can reap its fruits. Often it suggests that lifes ship soon enters calmer waters, or that you do not have to worry what tomorrow will bring to you.
– to dream a supper means the fulfillment of what you want, good luck in the lottery, good inheritance, rich gifts; work and do your duty, your livelihood will improve; – to see a supper: you ask for peace and quiet; – to sit and eat a supper: you will get your strength back and the next day will be forcoming with success to your work; – eating dinner with others: successful joint operations are possible, very good for team work and new joint decisions.
Hindu – to dream a supper means be not so restless, you wont get to the goal; – enjoy with another: soon you^re going to be able to enjoy the success;
– to have a supper: a meaningful dream that brings only good things.