Dreaming about swimming

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the best of luck in fortune and friends may be expected if you dream of swimming in the nude. if you wear a bathing suit, you will be chastised for failing to recognize someone whom you have recently met. to dream of teaching another how to swim is a prophecy of an increase in income.
Dreams about swimming are related to the need to trust your instincts and look to past situations for answers to problems. they can also signify the need for nurturing or mothering in one’s life.
Swimming in a dream is a metaphor for maneuvering through emotional waking life issues is it easy or difficult? how is the water? warm? cold? dirty? water is a consistent metaphor for emotions in dreams for clues as to your feelings about the emotional conditions, see water swimming comfortably underwater reflects easy access to subconscious feelings and awarenesses the ability to breathe underwater reflects comfort in one?s emotional life warning! dreams of being underwater and short of breath are important warning signs that you may be experiencing difficulty breathing during sleep?a condition known as sleep apnea if you snore and dream you are out of breath frequently, visit a sleep doctor immediately! related dream symbols water
Swimming indicates getting in touch with your spiritual nature other symbols in the dream will indicate exactly what your spiritual abilities are
1 leisurely swimming, such as at a beach, in a lake, or in a pool, implies good fortune and easy living ahead, unless the weather is bad, in which case danger could result from doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time 2 swimming toward the shore indicates getting to where you want to go, but only with a lot of hard work how difficult that will be depends on the circumstances (especially the weather) and the other symbols in the dream 3 swimming for your life in a storm warns of great difficulties ahead if you reach the shore, or if there is a star or lighthouse guiding your way, you will prevail 4 swimming in a meet implies an inner drive to improve yourself see “sports”
Movement through water of feelings contained by cultural constructs you are in an emotional state to dream of swimming, is an augury of success if you find no discomfort in the act if you feel yourself going down, much dissatisfaction will present itself to you for a young woman to dream that she is swimming with a girl friend who is an artist in swimming, foretells that she will be loved for her charming disposition, and her little love affairs will be condoned by her friends to swim under water, foretells struggles and anxieties see diving and bathing
Movement through water of feelings contained by cultural constructs you are in an emotional state
To dream that you are swimming implies that you are entering a period of self discovery and personal growth perhaps you need assistance with matters pertaining to your feelings this is a normal dream for people who are seeking professional emotional healing to dream that you are swimming underwater indicates that you feel overwhelmed by your emotions perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard to confront these issues

Meaning for seeing swimming in your dreams

A dream of swimming suggests the dreamer is immersed in an exploration of emotional matters or the unconscious
A dream of swimming suggests the dreamer is immersed in an exploration of emotional matters or the unconscious
To dream that you are swimming towards the shoreline, signifies an increase in your financial standing to dream that you are swimming in a pool, denotes much luck in love in general, dreams of swimming indicate an exploration of your unconscious mind and emotions it is a common dream image for people going through therapy to dream that you are teaching someone to swim, signifies that you will be blessed with good fortune
Associated with water, swimming and enjoying yourself in water can portray your easy movement through the changes you are going through if swimming seems difficult or you are seeking ‘safety,’ then the changes are bringing forward emotions that feel overwhelming since water represents feelings, emotions and the contents of the unconscious, swimming and your condition in the water shows how you are approaching these areas