Dreaming about swing

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this dream is a suggestion that issues hanging in the balance can be made to swing in your favor if you exercise patience and caution don’t push
To dream that you are on a swing suggests that you are comfortable and gratified with your current position and situation in life it can represent different stages that you are entering as well, it may imply that you want to experiment with your sexuality to see a swing set in your dream refers to your youth and your desire to avoid obligations perhaps you need to take a break from the pressures of your life to dream that you are swinging indicates that you are undecided on a certain issue and you need to reach a decision
To dream that you are on a swing, represents an expression of great satisfaction and freedom it also symbolizes cycles and movement alternatively, it signifies a desire for sexual variety to see a swing set in your dream, indicates memories from childhood you may feel a need to escape from your current responsibilities and relax to dream that you are swinging, suggests that you are going back and forth in some situation and need to make up your mind