Dreaming about taxicab

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If the dreamer in his dream calls or drive with a taxi (cab), then it symbolizes that he has to work harder to reach progress or in fact to leave. Without outside help he maybe will not success, and it could turn out to be costly. But if the fare was too high, you can exclude this option.
A taxi is a public transport which is controlled by a unknown person to dreamer. Still the dreamer must trust in the care and the knowledge of the driver. In the dream a taxi symbolize the fact that the dreamer may has to go to a place without knowing the necessary means and ways. It also may indicate convenience.
At this level the taxi in a dream may be associated with practical know-how spiritual knowledge.
European – Travel with taxicab: dreamer will be able to enjoy a modest prosperity; – Dreaming of travel with taxi or cab also means: happiness is related to a strange place; – Journey or trip with a taxi at night along with other people: you must not share a secret with this/these friends; – To be taxi (cab) driver in dream: little bit of physical work and little chance of career improvement.