Dreaming about tear out

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The dreamer who trusted him with a person uproots trying to escape from a situation, which for him might be painful in the end. Task is to maintain a balance between emotional and material security. If you pull up in front of your debt, is likely to be short-lived success. If you own hair and pull up something else that wants to get rid of a debt, a fact of life, perhaps by a partner.
If you are planning a dream to pull up, then this points to the fact that it creates conditions in which other people do not understand the motives of action. The dreamer recognizes his desire for it to integrate his personality in a whole part, this may not translate into action without being misunderstood by other people. They want to free themselves of something to come to their own efforts to succeed.
Tear symbolizes a union spiritual or otherwise especially in times of need.
– tear out and set free: a risky business will succeed; – pull out and be caught: some effort will be in vain; – pull a tooth: only solid decision leads to the goal.