Dreaming about theatre

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a movie theatre indicates expansion of life and is present in dreams where you are being shown how to make your life into the bigger picture that is meant for you
A theater means big changes ahead in the workplace and in life if you dream that the theater is dark and empty, you will be lonely, worry about anything, and have failures seeing scenery, costumes or theatrical masks, means you will have interesting acquaintances seeing the building of the theater, means you are being requested or accepted in a closed environment
To dream that you are in a theatre, signifies that you will derive much pleasure from new companionships consider also how the performance parallels to situations in your waking life observe how the characters relate to you and how they may represent an aspect of yourself you may be taking on a new role to dream that you are laughing and/or applauding in a theatre, indicates that you tend to choose pleasure and instant gratification over working on future goals to dream that the theatre is on fire, signifies that any new projects you take on will be risky