Dreaming about thistle

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to dream about a thistle signals your desire to feel safe it’s possible that you are erecting blockades to keep others from getting too close
Thistles in a dream point to something unpleasant in the life of the dreaming. A thistle field symbolizes a difficult path that the dreamer has in front of him. – A single thistle indicates fewer difficulties. – Thistle, an often troublesome weed, is by the old dream books always disappointing to announce a failure or similar problems, in which one gets his own fault. – They stick us in dreams, the unconscious makes us well hidden envy, jealousy attention. Maybe stings us in waking life into consideration that we have offended anyone from our environment, what we should make amends. – Sow thistles or poured, you will probably disappointed by people you trust, or has encouraged.
The thistle may represent spite and vindictiveness. To dream about her, makes the dreamer these qualities in others and be conscious of itself. Here can also be the color of the thistle of importance. After artemidoros describe thistles emerging concerns or difficulties with a person of the male sex.
The thistle may represent the rational rejection of a bodily need.

Meaning for seeing thistle in your dreams

– signs of doom, this is emphasized that there must be your own fault; disputes can be avoided if you are tactful; – see: brings adversity, experience self-inflicted failure and disappointment; – plant: one will pull through your own fault inconvenience; – baste: you will reap ingratitude; – stung by one: you will have trouble, you score a good relationship with the environment.
– see: unpleasant and ill imminent; – collect: failure of our work and effort.
– in general thistle in a dream : points to adversity; – on a stick: evil: lovesickness; – see: one hostile to itself, one is surrounded by envious; – an entire field of thistles: symbolizes a difficult path that one has before him and does not want to go; – tear: your worries are over; – plant: you pull yourself through your own fault to inconvenience; – baste: you reap benefits ingratitude. – cut: you^ll regret rash things.