Dreaming about threat

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you are being strongly warned against gambling or speculation if your dream featured any form of threat or threatening atmosphere
Dreaming of a threat, signifies joy ahead to dream of trying to avoid dangers, suggests that your achievements will bear only disappointment alternatively dream of danger in reality of your experiences, suggests that you do have troubles ahead
Threatening situations point in the dream that one should be cautious in his everyday life.
Who is threatening someone else, warns him mostly from his wrath a fact, opinion or behavior. The (be) threat in dreams is usually directed against a self, from whatever quarter it comes. If you made ??any self-reproach the threat could show you the consequences of an unwise act in waking life. One should also pay attention to the reaction in a dream: maybe it reminds you that you should retain his position even at intimidation.

Meaning for seeing threat in your dreams

– experience threat in a dream: indicates an accident, pointing to unavoidable suffering; – threaten others: leave deeds, repentance and penance.
– be under threat you can be without fear (symbolic contrast!).