Dreaming about three number 3

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– Trinity, balance of opposites; sociability.
– How to connect the opposites that are inside me?
The three since the immemorial time is as a magic number.  In the dream,  three has the symbolic meaning of spirit and creative power. But also in the various religions the three has a great importance.  For example, of the Holy Trinity and in the Hindu religion Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are a divine trinity.
Three as a number may indicate opposites and contradictions that are united to create something new at a higher level, which brings happiness, satisfaction and success. The sacred number has always been Trinity; that expresses the power of creativity. Number three directs you to start something new, to release your thoughts. It is the element of our will, the idea, the result of the union of man and woman, giving the birth to the future.  Another symbol that only the three gives as a whole: The Family = father + mother + child. Human personality = body + soul + spirit. Time = Past + Present + Future.

Meaning for seeing three number 3 in your dreams

– Fortune if you see number three (3)  If number three appears in a dream, this means good luck and success; – Threat if you see three things In the dream you noticed three birds are flying (three ships ect.). This number is a sign of a dangerous journey, decision that you must undertake and survive without the risk and bad consequences.
– Luck if you see number three (3) You are dreaming that you write or see written number three, this informs you about luck and happy prospects if you are ready to start the creation of your life.