Dreaming about tire

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tires are the means by which cars drive smoothly or not at all because cars are reflections of the self and the direction we are headed in our waking life, cars with flat tires or in poor running condition symbolize feelings of powerlessness will you be able to arrive at your hoped for destination? flat tires may also reflect feelings of being depressed or of low self esteem related dreams waterfall related dream symbols car
A dream of changing a tire is a warning to conserve your resources against an unexpected demand buying a new tire predicts a sudden release from worry a blowout portends problems caused by hidden jealousy try being tactful for a while to dream of losing a tire suggests that you would benefit from a season of stricter self control if you dreamed of being excessively tired, it is a straightforward warning that you are overtaxing yourself slow down, or see your doctor, or both
Like the shoe that brings a high level of focus to how you find your way forward, the tire can represent how your motivation and life experiences are leading you forward inspecting tires on a car can symbolize making changes in a career, while a flat tire can suggest insecurities about your ability to succeed you may not feel the inspiration or competence necessary to make the transition the roundness of this symbol has associations with harmony and balance used as a symbol of motivation, it can also tie in the idea of being tired or unfulfilled tires separate us from feeling the effects of the road we travel, and can personify feeling disconnected from what you are doing or where you are going if the tires are unusual in some way, explore whether there may be a message or clue about how you can feel successful and fulfilled by doing something different see vehicles and places of transportation