Dreaming about toenails

Toenails in dream represent personal things about you that you are secretly proud of. You may dream of painting your toenails when you are in love with someone who sees'sthe real you". Or this dream may come when you are feeling very confident in yourself. A dream of cutting your toenails represents how you are taking care or protecting a certain aspect of your life that is very important to you. This dream is about how you maintain your personal reputation and make sure that others don't see your flaws. dreams of having long toenails may suggest that you have been neglecting yourself in some way. Someone might be distracting you from what's important in your waking life. Or you may need to get more motivated about some situation. A dream that your toenails become infected or fall off, might mean that you are worried about the disapproval of others. You may be worried about a secret coming out.
To dream about toenails fortells self- evaluation, one based on things that no one else can measure. This dream is a sign that you have confidence and a high value that one could be certain about. Dreams of painting one’s toenails shows high confidence, but it could also indicate vanity and over- confidence, which could lead others to despise you.

Similar dreams:

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  • ...y also represent the minor detail of life and how you deal with them. dreaming that your toenails are growing, symbolize an extension of your understanding in a particular matter. to dream about a toenail
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