Dreaming about toothache

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if you are dreaming that you have toothache, suggests seek someone to your property if you have another toothache, means you insult your relatives
Toothache indicate problems, that you should not let it get into your life. And by acting early, they can be resolved soon.
Dreams of toothache very rarely occurs, when dreamer really have it. Dreaming of toothache may refer us in waking life to the notice with alarm, that we have done something wrong. Or anything, that we can not agree with our conscience. Sometimes the tooth pain is nothing but lovesickness.
Arabian – To have: your sadness will soon turn into joy.

Meaning for seeing toothache in your dreams

European – Toothaches in dream: announces painful news, but will follow soon joy after sorrow;
Hindu – To have toothache in dream: let it push you not, a related party will hurt you.