Dreaming about toothpick

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to dream that you are using a toothpick refers to your role in the downfall of a friend if you merely see a toothpick in your dream (but don’t use it), it means you are too picky you needlessly dwell on minor flaws, faults and unimportant issues
Toothpicks can promise a financial profit; used it himself, but one must expect to lose.
Arabian – To see toothpick in dream: troubles at home.
European – Toothpicks in dream: indicates that dreamer can easily get rid of an inconvenience; – To see: promises financial relief; – To use toothpick in dream: you will have to financially bite into the bullet; Also: you will be involved at a injustice, what is done to a friend.

Meaning for seeing toothpick in your dreams

Hindu – To dream tootpick: you will have the financial loss.