Dreaming about towel

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the message here depends on the kind and condition of the towel if it was a clean cloth towel, it promises good health and material comfort however, wet and/or soiled towels forecast a season of frustration, while paper towels portend a period of recession
To dream that you see or use a clean towel, means that you will enjoy good health and friends to dream of the towel is damp, old and dirty, indicates that you may get sick
To dream of seeing or using a towel means that you need to deal with your feelings and try to be objective and rational to move ahead in life alternatively, this dream may signify completion of a project or a new beginnings
To see or use a towel in your dream, suggests that you need to deal with your emotions in order to move forward in your life you need to find some sort of a resolution alternatively, it represents completion, a fresh start and new transition