Dreaming about town

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if you see big and beautiful city in your sleep, you will increase your wealth and property a small city means financial crisis if you see it on the map, you will have unfulfilled dreams if you dream that you live, enter, leave or cross the city, you will have to change something in your life if you dream that you are in a familiar town, expect joys, if the place is unknown, it means sadness and loneliness if you dream of traveling city to city, you will lose a large sum of money
The city or town is the center of social exchange and suggests a similar hub within you what goes on in this city will provide clues to your aspirations and need for public recognition going to a foreign town means that you are exploring social needs that are new or unfamiliar life is a constant learning process, and as you make changes, all aspects of who you are changing too reflect on the nature of a particular town for clues to your current direction