Dreaming about traffic and transport

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– (Vehicles) Chaotic force or movement. – (Marital intercourse) Association; Letting go; Desire; Creation. – (Extramarital intercourse) Unlawful and unauthorized union.
– (Vehicles) What keeps me from going there or do I have to go there? – (Conjugal intercourse) Do I want to be alone or am I afraid of that? – (Extramarital intercourse) What do I miss in my relationship?
This symbol shows that the dreamer demands the inner and outer movement. The dreams about the traffic always resonates the importance of sexual intercourse.
– In the dream you see means of transports: changes are already underway and great demands are placed on you; – You are dreaming that you are in the big city traffic jam: now you should avoid any hassle and stress.

Meaning for seeing traffic and transport in your dreams