Dreaming about traffic light

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Anyone who sees a glowing green light, can hope that it will soon come a light so that it can cause a problem or a difficult work to a good end. If the traffic light but red light, then we go around a bit in the head, which could indicate a pathological condition.
A symbol of the movement and order (law) equally. Green light: encouragement. Red light: Call to stop, wait just like real life;! All too quickly changing signals are symbol of disorientation, confusion, momentary. Or do you have (under pressure?) Opted for something that usually; goes wrong. The dream is to make aware that it has taken a great risk.
– a red light: Stop! Caution! Stop! one should reconsider its plans again; – a bright yellow: an upcoming event brings with it sorrow; – a bright green: unlimited travel for a proposed business; – its light disappears: disappointment in view; grief; – flashing: caution should be exercised; – you or someone else will turn off the lights: the danger is over, make improvements to the current situation there is a delay; – without light: secret love happiness, joy and happiness; – in the bright red backlighting of the case: displays a budding love; – carry traffic lights on the head: confusion, disturbances in the brain under certain circumstances; – hanging basket: is encouraging gifts in view, when they light up in bright colors.