Dreaming about train station

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a train station symbolizes the start of your life journey or the start or end of a phase of your life journey for example, stepping off a train onto the platform symbolizes your birth
If you dream of being in a train station, this foretells an unexpected delay or obstacle to your plans
To dream of a train station, suggests that you are about to get a new job
Station stands for movement, which comes into existence, or urges more private activity. Our life train stands in the station, in important cases, it is a mighty head or central station, with large, dimly lit indoor track. Such stations are important Building a dream, they are the starting point for our various life companies, because all life begins in the unconscious, the station is sometimes the unconscious as such. The often mentioned about personal authority that directs our fate often appears as a station master, as a train inspector goldumrandeter cap, we have decided to travel, this is determined, we do not take what you want. The following meanings are possible, depending on the circumstances: – Can see the station indicating that a new phase of life begins favorable. – Being on a train station, this may be an indication of how sure you are entering a new situation or new project feels and what their expectations are linked to it. – Farewell to the station is to be understood similarly, he often displays a separation of another person, after you must reorient in life. – Go up and down the station, shows that they are waiting for something that will trigger a change in life, perhaps a more important decision of an authority. – Going out of the station can warn the unconscious, because it has pushed a decision on the backburner. – The station master or the man with the red cap, which determines the departure of the trains is, in a dream usually represents the life circumstances that force a change in the life of the dreamer.
Depth psychology of the unconscious itself, which will help us in the waking state, not to miss the right train. The station is in a dream in a way the switching station in our lives into something new. Whether the subsequent journey will be good to point out just another dream symbols. Dreams that deal with train stations are very common. It does not matter whether it is iron, flight or bus stations are. In the dream, the station will almost always associated with a situational or age-related change in the dreamer. On the interpretation of the dream are important to the nitty gritty, such as whether the dreamer is too late, or has forgotten the ticket goes into the wrong train. These circumstances are almost always to take literally.
The station announces a change to more in life or in interpersonal relationships.

Meaning for seeing train station in your dreams

– train station in a dream shows unexpected visit, new businesses, new life, strength, fresh decision; – see before you: a change in life occurs; – to see the station, but the way is blocked: some obstacles overcomes and changes are possible; – promenading in a train station: you will receive a message; – to arrive at a view: the recently felled was the right decision; – come from one: pressing matters await their execution; – empty: one should be very careful; – full of people: stagnation in the business; – the station is under construction or you need to search laboriously the right train: a proposed project is still in question. – miss the train at the station: it has missed an opportunity.
Hindu – You will receive the visit of an official person.
– to see: received an unexpected visit; – be in a train station: you undertake a journey.