Dreaming about trip

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see “clumsy” or “vacation”
To dream that you are traveling by car, is a sign of success and profits to dream that you travel by plane, is a sign of a successful career to dream that you travel by train, indicates that you have much satisfaction from work to dream you take a trip with the family by boat, suggests that you have worldly pleasures and rich lifestyle to dream of a round the world trip, means you will have success and much accumulated wisdom to dream that you travel on foot, means you await prosperity and happiness to take any trip in a dream, suggests you can do what you need to accomplish your goals or will implement plans and ideas
To dream that you went on a trip denotes that something in your waking life is not in order things may be a bit problematic these days for you to dream that you are going on a trip suggests that you crave a break from the usual, perhaps a change in scenery you are burned out from working too much, so much so that your unconscious is seeking time off for play and recreation
It is the realization that a change is needed in your lives. You are inviting the soul to do something.

Meaning for seeing trip in your dreams

Symbol for change of location and new environment. One should look around; and new ways;. Mean fatigue or exhaustion during a dream trip: treat you a break, relax! Warning against excessive demands and lack of energy.
– be on the lookout for a married employee who could not be a true friend.