Dreaming about trust

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to dream about trusting someone, or being trusted by others, symbolizes self acceptance you need to work on liking and integrating all aspects of yourself if you dream that someone betrays your trust, you are having suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation in real life
Dreaming that you have faith in someone or something, means do not trust others and yourself
To dream about trust symbolizes your acceptance of who you truly are; your good points and your idiosyncrasies
– Work on the self-acceptance.
Which part of myself am I ready to ingrate?
Key words: Confidence; Adoption; Strong faith; Loyalty; Southern soul path. Description: Trust is associated with the medicine wheel in the center position of the southern soul path.This quality is also connected with the mineral lepidolite, the plant borage, the animal which color is salmon and the color of lavender. General meaning: more safety, acceptance, and gain strength; a willingness to examine your own vulnerability. Transcendent meaning: A willingness to surrender your life; This devotion does not happen because of a weakness, but this is the contrary expression of the strength. This allows you truly to get closer and to know the Creator.

Meaning for seeing trust in your dreams

– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.