Dreaming about unconscious

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unconsciousness in a dream indicates events that occurred without the dreamer’s awareness, or memories that may be dormant or repressed in the subconscious if you fall asleep in a dream, consider that you may be avoiding a difficult feeling or awareness in your waking life being unconscious, similarly, may reflect the trauma of a previous experience, that caused you to “shut down” your feelings and memory for the event being in a coma suggests emotional unresponsiveness due to repeated traumas and psychological injury related dream symbols blind sleeping
To dream that you are unconscious, means that you are not fully aware of the conditions and circumstances around you you could be avoiding some issue or situation in your life, or perhaps you are refusing to recognize a negative aspect of yourself to see other people unconscious, is often a reflection of yourself and your own unconscious mind the dream signifies how you may not be alert or informed about a particular situation
A dream of yourself being unconscious suggests that you seem lost and vulnerable you are scared and anxious about all the alterations in your life
If you dreamed of someone else being unconscious, you are likely to hear news of an illness; if you had the rare dream of being unconscious yourself, a physical checkup would probably be beneficial

Meaning for seeing unconscious in your dreams

To dream that you are coming face to face with your unconscious is a very good sign that you are on the right track in your waking life things that may have been eluding you are coming to the surface and much work will get done now
One theory of the mind separates it into three aspects: consciousness, the subconscious and the unconscious when you are a child, your mind has free reign to explore all sides of who you are becoming, but as you grow older, a type of subconscious barrier develops as you come to understand ‘the idea of who you should be,’ those elements that are ‘unacceptable’ or denied can remain within an area that is called the unconscious as these feelings and ideas seek expression, the subconscious net blocks them in daily life while you sleep, this barrier dissolves and information rises freely into the mind for exploration often the symbol representing what is happening or emerging from the unconscious will be the sea or bodies of water also see sea life, water, defense mechanisms, dream basics and dream processing