Dreaming about underwater

Dreaming that you are underwater, denotes that you are feeling overcome with emotions and are in need of greater control in your life. You may be in over your head regarding some situation. when you saw that you are breathing underwater, represents a retreat back into the womb. You want to return to a state where you were dependent and free from responsibilities. Perhaps you are feeling helpless, unable to fulfill your own needs and caring for yourself. Alternatively, you may be submerged in your emotions.
Dreams about being underwater advises you are in over your head regarding some situation. You need to gain better control over your life.
If you can breathe underwater in your dream, this represents a retreat back into the womb.
Deep emotional feelings that lead to a better understanding of oneself. Being underswater may induicate unconscious control of your life or parts of your life.
Dreaming that you are underwater might predict that you are way over your head in some or other situation. You need to establish control of your life immediately. when you are dreaming of breathing underwater might predict you are getting back to a primal position. You will be responsibility free and very dependent. It is a sign of feeling helpless, or being submerged in intense emotions.

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