Dreaming about unemployment

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to dream of being unemployed suggests that we are underutilized, unappreciated, and/or unworthy. it can also mean one feels that he or she is deprived financially and unable to take advantage of the finer things in life.
If you dreamed of being on unemployment, you can be sure that better times are just around the corner
A dream featuring unemployment suggests that you are lacking motivation at some level of your being it can also imply that you feel like you are not doing enough in some part of your life or that other people do not recognize your skills
A dream that the unemployment of the dreamer has to content, indicates that the uses of his talents are not optimal or thinks they misunderstood.

Meaning for seeing unemployment in your dreams

Almost everyone is afraid of unemployment. It appears in a dream something that is connected with it, such as a termination or unemployment benefits, then it reflects a feeling of inadequacy of the dreamer. He has to experience these fears to overcome them.
A sense of spiritual inadequacy or incompetence may break in the unemployment picture rail. However, this has more to do with the lack of motivation to take on a spiritual mission.
– to be unemployment in a dream: loss of one position or the failure of a thing to which you had high hopes.