Dreaming about university

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if you attend a university in your dream, the portent is of a bright outlook in business and strong political pull.
To dream of a university or attending one is symbolic of a need to become more focussed in an area we are overlooking or taking for granted as universities are associated with specific and specialised learning. thus, we need to take note of other factors in the dream to determine exactly where we need to apply and invest our energy.
University indicates spirituality and learning about yourself with a view to improving yourself see school
Higher learning professional aspirations willing to put effort to achieve some knowledge
Higher learning professional aspirations willing to put effort to achieve some knowledge
This dream is considered especially auspicious for those engaged in any field of scientific endeavor; for others, it forecasts future success commensurate with the effort expended

Meaning for seeing university in your dreams

To dream that you visit any university, suggests that in reality you may regret discharged chances dreaming that you will be applying to a university, means that you should be cautious with the people whom you are getting to know, because they can introduced serious outlay to dream of professors, teachers or scholars, suggests that in reality most of your closest friends will put you on trial
*see college
A dream featuring a university implies that you have the potential to learn more in some area of your life or that you are seeking to expand your knowledge in some way
You dream of visiting a university or school as a representation of how you are ‘learning’ or adopting new attitudes being in this classroom setting reveals how you are going through changes or learning something new about yourself the university can be an objective portrayal of your beliefs and the other students can represent balancing conflicting needs and roles see also teacher, school and houses and buildings